A down to earth approach to wine.
Our Oregon wine tours are different because we have a different perspective. Let me take a minute to explain. I know that the world of wines can be pretentious and elitist at times, but those attitudes are changing.  We at Beautiful Willamette Tours have a more down-to-earth approach to wine and wine tasting. We love good wines, good people and good times to be had by all.  Our philosophy is very simple.  If you like the taste of the wine that’s in your glass, it’s a good wine.  It really is that simple.

Looking for a unique personal tour?
We can take you to a few of the large elaborate wineries, but the smaller obscure boutique wineries are where the memories will be made. We guarantee it!  It’s a real treat to be introduced to wine makers in person and have them serve you their very special reserves while they explain the secrets of how they make their wines so smooth and palatable.  And many of the smaller winemakers may conduct a personally guided tour of their facilities.  These smaller wineries have a “reservation only” policy and they DO NOT accept large bus tours.

Unique tours to the best wineries.
It’s difficult to know where to go in this area of over 500 wineries.  Some of the bigger wineries have a large industrial atmosphere and some are very small, homey and quaint.  Many of the really unique wineries may not be listed on the tour map.  Some wine producers have high quality wines at a high price and some have high quality wines at a much better price.  A few of these wineries are so obscure that you may never see their wines outside of five star restaurants.  Their wines are just not available to you at your local grocery store or wine shop. We’ll arrange your tour based on your interests.